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Fenrilmaran Core (Boy) (Avatar& Style by me )

NoseAccessories-.ARISE. Gota Piercing+Facepaint Addon / Black
Hair-Action Mesh Hair Sam Veganic Hair
Bracers-Luas Markus Belt & Bracers RARE Arena gacha
Fur-Peqe - Twisted Stole_Black Fur
Pants-Yasum*MESH*Conan's Pride* Pants
Boots-[Gos] Triumph Boots for Men - Worn [bagged] Boots
Belt-[The Forge] Arwen's Belt, Black, Unisex  Belt
Chain-[The Forge] Chain Mail Vest, Male, Black Chainmail
Collar-[The Forge] Iron Clad Armour - Black Bracer and Collar

Aurica Ghost

Head-#TheMeshProject (BETA) Head(f) - Moody (Deluxe)
Body-Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara
Hair-Exile::Finding You All or nothing NEW
Collar-AsHmOoT_Accessories  Coll_Lace Collar_White
Panties-*MUKA* Wicca Thong
Stocking-*PerveTTe* Burlesque Socks [White]
Crown-.aisling.-Savage Winter

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